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About Cherry Management

We have solutions, products and platforms for your specific needs.

Technology and the IT marketplace can be complex and is forever evolving. As your technology concierge, Cherry Management makes tech less complicated by seamlessly integrating advanced technology into your business workflow.

We provide a broad range of products, services and technical support to help best utilize your equipment and ensure high availability, performance, and reliability. Let us help you secure your business, and get the most out of your hardware, software, connectivity, and cloud services.

We Adapt Technology to Your Business.


Automate and optimize how you source and manage your internet, WAN, voice, cellular and colocation services with white-glove support and data-driven software.

Unmatched Expertise & Experience in the Technology of Communication and Networking, our engineers become an extension of your business to help implement the ideal technology solution


Real-time monitoring of your wireline WAN data, and application connectivity.

Precise alerting to streamline resolutions for connectivity issues. Detailed reporting and analysis.

Proprietary fixed wireless monitoring of detailed cellular and WAN appliance metrics, DBM | RSRP | RSRQ | RSSI | RX | TX | SNR | Signal Percentage

Real-time Incident Management and Help Desk support 24/7/365

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Advanced managed cybersecurity and technological support for your entire digital ecosystem.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity support for your computer equipment and all connected devices.

Secure traffic throughout controlled networks and connections.

Managing your applications in the cloud to improve user experience and protection of digital assets.

Established process & procedures for compliance and best practices.


Managed WiFi for optimum performance and user experience.

Guest data capture for brand building and marketing automation.

Special event options for specific user experience.

Immediately increase your Social media followers and likes.

Bring nearby mobile users into your business with targeted messaging. Keep your corporate systems secure and apart from your guest network


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